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Our Top 5 Tips For Investors

1. Location

An appealing location is key to getting a good return on your property. It can determine the amount of rent you receive, the speed in finding a tenant and the quality of tenant you may get.

2. Numbers

Make a financial plan before you buy. Don’t forget that you’re covering more than just the mortgage. You also have to factor in other costs such as management, repairs, improvements and insurance.

3. Low Maintenance

The most low-maintenance properties are the ones that attract stable long-term tenants. These probably won’t be the flashiest investments on the market, however, that’s ok as you’re looking for strong and steady, not a flash in the pan.

4. The potential for growth in the value of your property

A smart investment is a rental property that appreciates in value. For an investor, growth works on two levels: The first is when you buy the property, and the second is when you sell it.

5. Property Hot Spots

What we mean by “hotspots” is that you’re looking for something practical, in good order, in a place where people want to live.

Property Blogs

Keeping in touch with the latest news, prices and events in the local property market is key to ensuring your rental investment property is maximising its return. Our useful property blogs ensure you are kept informed.